Funds Impartial working for you in the background

"FI Working for you in the background"
. We run some pretty sophisticated technology at Funds Impartial which you drive to produce the results with your personal input that fit your search. its a very simple 3 step process.
  1. Comparison tables with projected returns covering investments from all the top fund managers, historic and current performance, yields and all background information of all funds that fulfill your stipulated preferences.

  2. An extensive list of brokers linked directly by our data and your search results. Broker fees and terms are listed before you select - a simple click connects you to the broker who is notified of your interest and of the specific fund(s) of interest allowing for a no nonsense defined relationship from day one with the broker. These brokers are selected as execution only brokers (ie. they are not allowed to give advice and must do what you say)

  3. Complete openness and transparency about how we make our money. You don’t pay Funds Impartial anything. We are here to provide you with data information and broker contact. Our fee is taken from any broker you decide to use to help you buy your funds. We will try wherever possible to standardise these fees you pay to the broker.

  4. High quality, powerful information to help you make better decisions. We don't offer advice, and we don't bombard you with "investment times", "research briefings", "picks of the week", or anything like that. View us as a background research tool.

We provide all the facilities above for comparing funds associated with your specific choices but we do not handle your money in any way. All money is dealt with by the broker once you have agreed to use them.

We only provide results specific to your search criteria, we provide data and historic performance - we also provide a whole host of brokers for you to access. We help link your choice to your broker.

Client Testimonials

Trevor recently passed away and after things settled down I decided to invest some of the life insurance he left behind.  I found Funds impartial and it was so easy even for someone like me to use. I now have some of our savings tucked away for a rainy day and am very pleased.

Marjorie ButterwellHuddersfield
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Having retired recently after 40 years working as a self employed accountant, I decided to invest some of my SIPP into a variety of different funds to spread my risk. I looked at many different websites but they were all very confusing and not helpful. Thankfully, I found Funds Impartial who made it so simple for me to find funds to put my money to work. Great job Funds Impartial, many thanks. Bill.

Bill WigginsChester
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After 25 years of teaching, I decided to take early retirement and enjoy my middle years. I like to keep active and have taken up charity roles in my local community. As a result, I needed to familiarise myself with the world of investments. Funds Impartial has been there to hold my hand through the steep learning curve and term-ridden field of investing. It has proved invaluable. Way to go Funds Impartial.

Clive ThomasKettering
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I have been investing £500 a month in many different funds. Most of the time, this is very difficult to do, especially when data is so complicated. I want to look after my wife and family in the UK so need to make future savings. When I found Funds Impartial, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything is so simple, searching, finding, buying and broker. All super easy. Thumbs up guys!

Rohit MahajanLondon
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